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Comments From Satisfied Tegtmeier Customers

We are the second generation to utilize Tegtmeier genetics in our herd.  Ron’s dad, Cliff, purchased Tegtmeier bulls for 30 years and Regan’s dad, Dick Reinhardt, was a repeat buyer for 30 years.  Tegtmeier bulls sire calves with growth and performance.  In addition, the daughters in our herd are solid producers.  The calves in these pictures are proof that Tegtmeier genetics have consistently produced replacement quality heifers and efficient market steers.

Regan and Ron Raub
Frankford, KS

I purchased six bulls from the Tegtmeiers in last year's sale. Despite our horrendous drought conditions, the bulls kept their condition, and got everything bred during the first and second heat cycles. The calves have come easy this spring, and have the look to them as baby calves to be market topping baldies next fall. We are extremely pleased, and will be back to purchase more bulls in the future.

Ed Wesner,
Reydon, OK


Customer Showring Success

CT Miss Lassie 181M

CT Miss Brandi 53M

CT Miss Titanic 96M

CT Miss Bonnie 183M

CT Miss Nancy 83N

CT Miss Hudson 139P

CT Miss Kayla 143P


Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic

CT Miss Lawman 32N
2005 Grand Champion

CT Miss Lawman
2004 Reserve Champion

CT Miss Lacy 98K
2002 Reserve Champion

CT Miss Favorite
1995 Grand Champion

CT Miss Favorite Lady
1994 Grand Champion

CT Miss Groom
1993 Grand Champion


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